Rely on Colonial Machine, a Quality Compression Mold Maker

If you’re searching for compression mold makers, contact Colonial Machine for high-quality, competitively priced compression molding tooling. At Colonial, we focus on doing the job right the first time. Whether it’s a simple or complex part, rely on our 70+ years of experience to build the compression mold that provides the highest quality part with the lowest production costs.

Our Compression Tooling Manufacturing Capabilities

Colonial has the capability to manufacture single and multiple cavity compression tools for the molding of substrates, composites, thermoform, and thermoset sheet stock. Our compression molds are designed to pressure form layers of substrates and edge trimming the finished part in one hit.

Colonial manufacturers simple to complex single and multi-cavity molds ranging in sizes up to 10 tons. We are highly experienced in manufacturing complex, multi-slide compression molds that require precision tolerances. We can handle custom mold sizes measuring up to 35x41x79 inches (or up to 20,000 lbs), maintaining tolerances as tight as (±) .0005 of an inch.

Colonial Machine consistently provides superior custom mold manufacturing services. Contact us today to learn more about our precision custom mold making services!