Rely on Colonial, a leader in plastic mold manufacturing

The single greatest impact on the finished product is the quality of the injection molding tool design and manufacturing. Whether it’s a simple or complex part, rely on our 70+ years of experience to build the injection mold that provides the highest quality part with the lowest production costs.

At Colonial Machine, our reputation is built on getting it right the first time. From our tooling designers to our world-class manufacturing, to delivering the job on-time, our goal is to get it right. Getting it right the first time saves time, money, and headaches upfront and also improves the part quality and consistency over time, improving customer satisfaction all around.

Our Injection Mold Manufacturing Capabilities

Colonial manufacturers simple to complex single and multi-cavity molds ranging in sizes up to 10 tons. We are experienced in manufacturing complex, multi-slide injection molds that require precision tolerances. We can handle custom mold sizes measuring up to 35x41x79 inches (or up to 20,000 lbs), maintaining tolerances as tight as (±) .0005 of an inch.

Our custom molds are manufactured using a variety of materials, including tool steel, stainless steel, beryllium copper, and aluminum. We also offer several finishing options ranging from anodizing to chrome plating and texturing.

Colonial Machine consistently provides superior custom mold manufacturing services. Contact us today to learn more about our precision custom mold making services!